Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Strata fees payable to?

Strata Fees are payable using Pre-Approved Debit. Please contact the Treasurer to get the PAD form to be filled out with banking information.

When are Strata fee payments due?

Strata fee payments are due on the first day of every month.

Roof repairs. What is the life expectancy of the roofs of the two buildings?

The roofs have another 15 years of life left in them, will have maintenance completed in 2016, and the strata has over $360,000 in the contingency fund as of January 2016.

How often should the water tanks be turned off?

Your water tank should be turned off any time you will be away for a few days. Water tanks have a life expectancy of approximately five (5) years, so please keep an eye on them. A plumber can inspect them for a nominal charge, as could our Caretaker (also for a nominal charge).

Should I have Insurance for my unit?

Yes, all strata units need to have their own Insurance Coverage and rent protection if rented.

What are the rules about Garbage & Recycling?

Please take the time to read our Garbage & Recycling page for information.