Garbage & Recycling

We must separate recyclable materials from other household trash. Failure to do so will result in substantial fines against the waste hauling contractor. Any increase in his cost will be passed on to the owners through an increase in strata fees and for tenants, this will be reflected in rental increases.
Fines and cost increases can be avoided if we each do our part in recycling our garbage properly.

Recycling bins are located at the end of building 6715 parking lot.

Please be aware of smaller bin for rinsed glass.


Flatten all corrugated cardboard such as packing boxes – no Styrofoam, foam chips, plastic or adhesive tape.


All newspaper, inserts, flyers, brochures, magazines, junk mail, catalogues, paper bags, computer & fax paper, office paper, envelopes, cereal & detergent boxes, cardboard egg cartons, wrapping paper.


Please clean all metal food and beverage cans and lids before recycling. Only clean aluminium foil, aluminium containers and pie plates are to be placed in recycle bin.


Please rinse plastic milk jugs and all other milky white coloured plastic containers (colour of milk jug) – such as vinegar & windshield washer containers.


Recycle all clean glass food and beverage bottles and jars. GLASS MUST BE PLACED IN SMALLER RECYLING BIN ADJACENT TO LARGE RECYCLING BIN.